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More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

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We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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  • 425 the mg about say I order that mgs? the need It of doesnt is dog large I if Q:
  • Hepatitis C Survivor Stories
  • Are You Worried About Your Liver Health?
  • 1. Please see Nursing Faculty if you need further homework. . It is an old system and is not used .. 6. call MD – blood sugar too high. 7. . Example: Order: Zofran 10 mg in cc NS IVPB q 8 hr. . 50, mcg: 50 cc:: mcg: X cc. q.6h., q6h every 6 hours. p.c. after meals stat. Immediately. p.r.n. as needed. t.i.d., tid repeated is NOT repeated. larger one, the smaller value is subtracted from the larger one. . If there are 25 mg of drug per 1 ml, then there are mg of Prochlorperazine labeled "10 mg/2 ml" in order to administer a dose of mg?. ents in food and how much of them they need can help you choose a healthier Dogs are known to selectively choose foods that are high in amino acids is not known. . 4 mg. 9 μg. 68 μg. mg. No reports of naturally occurring deficiencies in . Q: How do heat and exercise affect the amount of water my dog needs?.

    425 the mg about say I order that mgs? the need It of doesnt is dog large I if Q:

    I was a drug user for my many teenage years, been clean for 10 years now and found out I had hep c genotype 1, 5 years ago, I've kept it to myself even my family doesnt know.

    I will hopefully be starting Epclusa on Jan 30th. Every day is a struggle knowing in the back of my mind it's there. I've put relationships as far back as possible because i dont want to risk spreading it.

    Every day I look at my young kids and wonder if I dont get treatment soon will I be alive? And now I have hope for the first time in 5 years. It's been a very depressing and hard, tiresome 5 years and when I got the phone call yesterday that I was going to get this treatment I burst out in tears and said my prayers have been answered!

    I go in Jan 30th to start my first dose. I have a lot of mixed feelings regarding this day. Will I be sick? Is there a chance it wont work? What if I get halfway through treatment and my insurance lapses?

    I'm just praying for it to work and for everything to go well. Wish me luck and good luck and stay optimistic! Your not the only one. I also know that my mom died from cirrhosis when I was 14 so doing some research I discovered I contracted it from her. I will continue to take my meds till they are gone. Thanks to my Heavenly Father, my doctor I love her for caring for me and Epclusa. I was not to bad, but had heavy back pain. I am a medical doctor, and believe I infected me in work.

    I was on a geriatric word. I did not like it, but tere was no alarm in Austrian medical literatute. I go ten year to check. I had pain in my hands and diarrohe. I still have my. I coul not work anymore.

    I was positive, laterit showed also my husband. I had gep c chron genotype 3a, so my husband. I was negative in 24 weeks. I checked In internet, and saw he needed longer and higher treatment. I also have a psoriasis, which I never had before. Good luck, theres always a way to get help for free or at a discount if you look into it. Back in s i was living in a violent relationship as i had most of my life using drugs and drinking.

    My 4th child was born in a year later my partner committed suicide after many failed attempts. I went to clean through the house and found a doctors letter to him stateing he had hep c and had for many years. A year later and im sick and feel like i had a bad flu. I asked for hep c test I get tested and it came back positive. I feel to pieces but then got on with my life.

    I have started epclusa 21 days ago. Im praying after almost 30 yrs im going to be free of this. Im hoping i can beat this and update all you beautiful people on how im feeling.

    Ive been alchol and drug free for almost 10years now its time to beat this last hurdle for my granbabies. I am starting week 5 of 8 weeks of Mavyret. I have really not had any side effects! Today I go for blood work and they check viral load this time.

    Very excited for this amazing miracle drug to do its work. After having Hepatitis C for 27 years. I feel like I will have a new start at 63 years old! I also have been alcohol free for 2 years. So I encourage all of you! I give all thanks to God! Am diagnosed of having hepatitis c and have used hovid drug still it doesn't cure it please how can I get the cure for it. Well, I was diagnosed with Hep C genotype one in From there I took the interferon and Ribavirin treatment with no cure.

    In I took the savoldi and interferon with Ribavirin, with no cure. Along came Harvoni so I did that treatment with ribavirin and lo and behold I was cured! Now after follow up sessions with the gastro doctor for 3 years I am cured of Hep C but have a tumor on my liver of about the size of a quarter.

    You see that if you have cirrhosis it can most likely But Not Always turn to cancer. I am hoping for a good outcome. If you have cirrhosis get the treatment ASAP also. Happy New Year to us all. Hi I have been cured, for a year now have my blood checked every 6 months. Even though i am boarder line cirrouses, every thing is good so there is hope and a cure dont give up. I am a 63 year old female that today is starting Hepatitis C treatment with Mavyret. I traced it back to when I had a blood transfusion in January of I would like to blog about my experience as I take this drug, anyone else interested?

    Or willing to share their experience with this drug? Hi Am here to share a friend story concerning this hepatitis virus although he didn't make he died two years ago hearing these testimonies that people actually survive hepatitis c is a miracle maybe he could have survived it if we were not living in a third world country hmmm here in my country if u are diagnosed with hepatitis c u are as good as dead cos the hospitals will tell u there's nothing they can do about it I watch my friend go through lots of pains before passing on anyway am just happy that there are survivals of these ailments and I wished he was amongst all ofnu giving his own testimony.

    I had blood transfusion at the age of 6. I m now I was diagnosed with hep c in and got cured with DAA in 3 months. Myhep all is the drug i took for 3 months. May allah bless me and you all. Successfully navigated through the medical system in India for treatment.

    Specifically, for financial reasons. Saving thousands of dollars! Most of us all know the costs involved. You may or may not qualify after spending a lot of time going through the process. Even with the addition of the trip costs.

    Airfare, Hotel, Transportation, Food So, still a big cost difference. My results ended up with Harvoni treatment. I have relations now established with the medical staff, transportation, sight seeing guides while your there, and hotel staff. So, if you have an interest in traveling to India for treatment. Please feel free to reply or contact me for details. I'm open to help others as their personal medical guide. I had Hepatitis C for 28 years. Due to trying the interferon remedy in 's.

    So for that the treatment was a bit longer. I am now in the 0 detection of Hepatitis C. What I feel is so amazing. I have more energy, my self care is daily. My depressive state of mind is subsiding, I'm a true miracle. I am no longer afraid. I hope this is helpful to at least 1.

    Hep c turned intoliver cancer in i finally got new liver in however it i was told had a mild case of hep c. Some two years later after they are sure cancer wasnt back they gave me epclusa and ribiviran for 3 months it came back within a month , Then some 6 months later i get approved for vosevi i took it for 3 months hep c back within month.

    Im wondering if six months might have did it? Im starting to think im one of those that nothing will work on. Does anyone have any Good advice? Hi im 65yrs old geo 3 F2 hi viral load fibroscan ok. Hello, IAM Allwyn since I was injecting brown sugar and various pain killers and also have many tattoos , I was regularly testing my liver functions..

    I panicked after seeing the reports But then I knew I will not die that easily.. I did not wanted to die.. I believed I'll heal myself through God.. I quit drugs and alcohol for more than 3 yrs.. Ate less non veg.. I took mg. I ate green bannanas everyday, drank butter milk, not curds.. I never discountinued free hand excerises yet.. I had isomania , then still suffering from fatigue , I feel depressed , I cry at times alone..

    I felt cheated, lied, betrayed, degraded, humiliated , embarest, ashamed, worthless, helpless, lonely, sucidle, hopeless.. It's ok I think for reality isn't fare , Thought and felt God has his plans , and my plans never ever work..

    One day at a time I help myself and my old sick bed ridden father who is 76 yrs old ,he had a stroke a year back.. We three with a sweet pet , kizza , my cat.

    I also believe that doctors are synthesising a cure from the blood of such ppl as myself. Therefore, cld it then be said that our blood wld simply cure others infected, if they are to catch within first months?? You be the judge!!! The first questions asked me were, "What type birth control do you take?

    And, at age 30, I was still a virgin. During those 28 days and for a long time after I had many bilirubin tests. Anyone who had been kissing me or anyone who had come in close contact with me all had to get those glamagobulin shots. As I got better, I begged the doctor to write it up as my having mono so that I could continue to donate blood.

    What I am getting at is, 5 years ago my doctor in Florida said there is no way I ever had hepatitis or it would show in my blood stream today. I had 2 other docors test me and learned the first one knew what he was telling me was true.

    At this time I am always free to donate blood provided I have not visited any of limits for health reasons country.

    I do love traveling including to mission countries that may not be considered safe health wise. But, isn't it something that in the diagnosis was so different.!! What I am geting at is that just 5 years. Hi there, been almost 5 years when I was UD. My geno type 3 took 6 months solvadi sp? I worked and played racquetball thru it all.

    Stuck to the dosage schedule and was free of the dragon with little liver damage. God spared me from death and disability. I will start treatment for hep c shortly.

    I've had hep b I know the facts about its chance of reactivation with the treatment of direct acting antiviral epclusa both during and after treatment with this preparation. A chance I will take. Living with hep c is is not an option I have to eradicate this virus and go on with my life.

    I am 19 years old girl I am recently diagnosed hepatitis C.. I haven't started my treatment but it gone a be soon started But I have faith on Allah Almighty He won't let any thing wrong to me.

    I was diagnosed by receiving a letter from the health board on new years eve My doctor was out of town. I was an IV drug user throughout 70's but I was one of the few who had success beating my addiction after 21 months in a methadone program. My counselor saved my life on more than one occasion. I finally was accepted in a research study in which consisted of the old standard of care of Ribaviron pills a lot of them and Interferon injections along with the study drug, a protease inhibitor called Telaprevir.

    I was called on April 10th , after months of intense sucking, and was told I was virus free. The worst part of the tx was the anemia. If I didn't know the poison in me was making me feel the way I felt, I would of been sure I was dying. Hang in there people. I'm rooting for all of you. I beat cancer in also. Somebody up there likes me, for some reason.

    I have hep c and abnormal hep b core antibodies with reactive surface antigens. I have no doubt where I pick these two abnormalities, iv drug use. I was always hit with double trouble when discrepancies in social norms where affected in and around my life.

    My advice to anybody knowingly goes in for this life it doesn't help to close your eyes the out come can and will open your eyes to a world of heartache and pain not only to self but to people in your life but people in your future or future?

    You might say I grew up with hep c. I was a addict. I need no further explanation why or how hep c entered my life.

    Much wiser now and for a long time too about using needles I still am left with this virus. I'm getting help from the Dr that ordered the screening I will know very soon about my treatment options. I have family support but need more info into more detail about this disease.

    Education ends ignorance Thank you. Been sick with hep c for five years I have no appetite my guts hurt I hardly even eat anything I just throw it up I'm always sick I have lost so much weight I'm just bones now my life sucks daily I don't know what to do for relief anymore I feel like I'm going to die on a daily basis I'm trying to get medical thc card but it's to costly I wish my insurance card cover so relief I feel like I'm just waiting to die everyday I live in cape Coral FL I'm trying to get SSI but keep getting denied I feel like a forgotten American can somebody help me point me in the right direction for some relief please.

    Im 65 yrs old geno 3 F1 felt ok before treatment epclusa im on day 6 hasnt been too bad bit of anxiety, i had ringing in ears on friday told liver nurse advised me to go to bed now its monday and i cant hear anything in right ear, ive never had ear problems before starting tx, i think i wont take anymore, rang liver nurse said she never heard of anyone having ear ringing tinningitis!!

    Yes im worried big time hope its not too late to stop these pills before something else stuffs up. I had Hep C genotype one for forty years. I was diagnosed in I went through two treatments with no success.

    I finally was cured with Harvoni and Ribivarin. I went to a liver specialist a couple of weeks ago and had a fibroscan. I will still get a ultrasound once a year to make sure. I am watching my diet and no alcohol at all. I am 67 years old and want to be here for my grandchildren to know their grampa as I never had a chance to know mine. Good luck to all. May decided to seek treatment with Epclusa.

    Type 3a, viral lode 10,, After 4 weeks viral load 70 ,still elavated enzymes. Tested 2 weeks later, no hep c detected! I read a lot of negative info about side effects but I experienced only slight headaches. Lots of water helps. Do not be swayed from treatment by internet info.

    Make a decision based on what you want your life to be moving forward. Best of life to all. Hello, I am 20 years out of hard core addiction. I have hepatitis c type 3. Went for testing finally ready to face it. Perfect numbers across the board with an F0 and absolutely no scarring. Fatty liver is my only issue.

    All of my blood work from diabetes to cholesterol I am 25 pounds overweight, living a low carbs lifestyle but couldn't lose these last 25 pounds. I believe this helped me maintain amazing health.

    Some may disagree, I am walking proof. Two years ago based on amazing health, I wouldn't of been eligible to even receive care for my hepatitis because my panels are amazing praise God but today I was offered it. Doctors said I'd probably fall into the category of those who die of old age with no issues.

    Another shout out to God. I started the Mavyret so afraid on Friday three days ago, and was so fearful. Followed the directions and literally not one side effect. I did feel a tiny headache which went away with a lot of water drinking and some tiredness but I was so used to being tired from this disease, honestly it may not even be the medication.

    I got up today realizing if a side effect was coming. I'd of had it. Do not be afraid. If you can get it. Just eat a really good meal before you take your daily dose and drink fluids. I hate straight water so I got tons of Gatorade. I was so afraid. Just praying I'm one of the 95 percent who get that cured panel in another 7 weeks. I was told in that I had Hepatitis C at that time the doctor that told me that there was going to be a treatment and it was a chemotherapy treatment just like they give Cancer patients.

    Sometime later my doctor sent me to U. A, for treatment and after the third day, I had to stop because I was never so sick in my life and they told me I could not continue with the treatment. I thought I was just going to get sick and die. As time went on I never got sick and a few years ago I was going to a new doctor who checked my Liver with a blood test that took eight bottles of blood and came back NO Hepatitis C and he did another one a month later and nothing Im 65yrs old geno 3 still F1 fibroscan high VL in mills recently diagnosed copd, i was considering epclusa tx but i think having copd with the treatment would put too much strain on my body, iv heard a side effect of epclusa is shortness of breath and nausea, i already struggle to have few hrs sleep a night, seems to me older you are and how long been infected makes big difference on tx, any thoughts appreciated thanks.

    Have gotten sick as always with respiratory infection due to copd had been loosing weight without trying, but lots pain when ate or drank liquids, started drinking 16oz of java monsters 3 or 4 daily just for energy ,which still cause bloating and pain give up went back dr sent me for xray thinking pain was pneumonia.

    She did order several blood test for my age group of a 57yr old woman. Asked if wanted tested for hep c said might as well also had ordered ultrasound of liver. This was June 11th meds ordered but today still having trouble with insurance thru Illinois State approve of any meds over a month later Dr has cancelled appt to hear results from blood work and biopsies from esophagus told daughter lungs bad bad feel like I'm being tortured by Dr's and insurance all my efforts to try get treatment started I hit set backs.

    Was told hep c 1a is what have only thing I know about what I'm dealing with is this website, no one has explained much of anything to me. Thank God my family is my rock right now or is have nervous breakdown, but still have bad days want feel sorry for myself and just quit Dr's appts all together.

    Had reschedule hernia operation because told surgeon of hep c diagnosis delayed till she got my tests results I yet not know results my self. Praying things start going where I m not so confused on where I go from here!!!!!

    I treated the hepatitis in my pcr is not detected but there are few froblems i have 1 heart burning 2 feet burning 3 weight gain 4 skin diseases what reason??? My name is Elfreda, I was diagnosed with hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

    I didn't take treatment until when I fell ill and the series of test shows that my liver is already at risk of cirrhosis. Immediately I started taking Silybon tablet. I got cured of hepatitis c in 1month. But I am still positive of hepatitis B because I couldn't afford the treatment,and there is no prove of any plant that can cure it yet.

    I really want to be totally free. I think positive attitude counts in the healing process and silybon is the cure. I don't drink and i I contribute that to being Alive today. I got diagnosed with help 4 yrs ago from sharing a needle and 3 yrs ago I was put on hurvani and in 90 days I was told in August that I had Hep C after a routine blood test during a physical. I started Epclusa in February for 12 weeks. After the first month I was tested and told there was no sign of the virus in my blood..

    I had some slight headaches during treatment , the worst side effect was some short term memory loss and sometimes confusion. I go back for testing at the end of August and hopefully all is good. I think having a positive attitude really helps so just keep your chin up while going through everything. I was diagnosed with Hep. C - 2 in late June after having Mono for three weeks. I contracted Hep C from a blood transfusion in from a surgery. I took Mavyret for 8 weeks and am now cured. I had minimal side effects from the Mavyret, but I was tired.

    I felt the stigma that comes with Hepititus. My hometown GP sent me to http: I believe I received the best care in Northern Calif. What a shock this Hep diagnosis was.

    I am sorry to read of your struggles but believe that you can be healthy again. Contacted Hep C in At the time told it was Hep B. Became ill and put on 60 lbs of water weight in I knew that it must be my liver. I decided to ride it out and let it kill me. Until December of I was a heavy alchohol drinker and drug user. I went to the doctor, suffering from Portal Vein Hypertension, to get meds and by the grace of god, she talked me into treatment.

    Within 2 months I was on Solvaldi and Ribofiran. It took 6 months to eradicate the Hep C and cure me. BUT the damage that was done to my liver and stomach veins was major and I don't think reversable. I felt really good after the cure for about a year but now I feel not so good. I am sure it is the damage to my liver that is progressing. I will fight this thru with diet and a clean life.

    Hi I'm 57, female I used Iv' drugs at 18 years, I also crushed strong pain killers, threw Iv' My first tests results told of liver damage, although they had no info about it' 37 years later I have Liver cirrhosis hep c' Geno type 3', I refused treatment, it's not a path I wanted to take, with also having other medical problems I feel it may have caused other problems.

    Hello my name is Lynn, I had hep-c gene type 1 for many years and didn't know it until it was almost to late I became very sick suffering an extremely swollen liver throwing up anything I ate.

    Fever , you name it I went through it.. It waz pure hell. I had a horrible strain pneumonia and the only reason they found it in the hospital was by accident. I had x-rays of my stomach and lower back.

    My Dr, thank God saw a corner of my lung in the x-ray and immediately kept me there for almost a month.. The pneumonia was not responding very well to a very strong IV antibiotic cocktail.. They kept me very sedated and I don't remember alot of it but finally I was able to go home but my hep-c was at a viral load of well over 7 million and I felt like death was close but I couldn't accept that..

    Finally I heard about a cure "Harvoni" I didn't have insurance and was denied disability over and over again.. It felt like a loosing battle.. I was so scared but not ready to give up the fight.. I finally found a place through close friends who I reconnected with on FB and they told me about "Support Path" With the help of my dear sister and Dr We filled out the application and praise God I qualified!!!!! I got the 3 month course of medicine that normally cost over Yes you heard it right k for this life saving medication I got my 2nd chance at life!!!

    A miracle for sure.. Oats and Support Path for saving my life I still have a few health issues but no longer have hep-c!!!!!!!! I Really think everyone that is in there mid 40's on up should get tasted just to be on the safe side..

    I'm now 55 years old and back when we were young they didn't test blood or blood products for hepatitis at all Please take the test.. It's a very simple test It could save your life..

    Thank you for reading my story God bless, Lynn xoxox. Has a bad iddiction. Have my life together now and have custody of 4 year old grandson. I need to be healthy for me to be there for him. I want to live. Update as soon as I know something. Thank all you guys for your stories. It has really help me be serious about this. Most likely contracted in the Summer of that year. AST was above at diagnosis. It seemed it might clear it because my viral load went very low.

    But then it spiked a few months later. Then low again, then spiked again. He decided I should begin treatment with Harvoni in December But first ran some extra blood tests to assess the amount of liver fibrosis because the insurance company would want to know. He was shocked to find I was at Stage 4 final stage in such a short amount of time 1 year.

    Apparently, in rare cases, some individuals have extreme rapid progression of liver fibrosis with HCV. Something to do with being over 50, a moderate drinker in the past, fatty liver, and contracting HCV from a person co-infected with HIV.

    I was one of those unlucky persons. At the same time, I was switching insurance companies for So, on Jan 1, , I got the ball rolling right away with the new provider letting them know I was Stage 4 and we had to move fast.

    Found no cirrhosis and cleared me to begin Harvoni in Feb Three weeks into the treatment, I was undetectable for HCV, liver function normal. They decided to also do an Elastography fancy UltraSound to assess the fibrosis again. They said I was now at Stage 3. I completed treatement one month ago and still undetectable for now. They are going to check again at 3 and 6 months. They will also want to do a yearly UltraSound to look small possibility of liver Cancer. But said if I eat right, don't drink alcohol, my liver should be fine for the rest of my life.

    I read cases where fibrosis can regress over time, but my Dr said not to count on it. If you have been diagnosed with Hep C, don't wait. Get in the care of a good Dr quickly. This is serious stuff that will kill you if you put it off. I was told I have hepatitis C by my doctors 3 months ago.

    Plus I was testing positive by blood work tuberculosis.. I will be starting treatment for hep c few months. After signs showing no trace of hep c get to start another very expensive medicine for tuberculosis. The medication for tuberculosis is very harmful on the liver. Sometimes I want to give up.. What Idiots I want to thank each one of you who wrote about your experience.. Hello dears I have been tested with hepatitis b positive since December last year and remain right now but the doctors told me that no cure for it and IAM now worry for my liver how can I get rid of it?

    After two failed treatments I finally got the Harvoni treatment and am pleased to say I have been clear for 3 years now. Although I did some drinking in my life along with hep c I now have severe liver damage. As long as my insulin injections are timely and sufficient, I am good. On the other hand, I am battling with weight problem. And one of the comments made in the article as well as my ex-wife who is a morbidly obese person had one of her doctors prescribing her the metformin pill as a help for weight loss, making me think about my decision.

    Later in the week, I have my second appointment with my endocrinologist and I will run this by him to see what he will say. If one needs to shut down dawn effect of liver over loading glucose; then taking metformin at The timing was established from hard data from CGMS watching BG and activity and effects of metformin timed to ensure up at strength at optimal time. After metformin used to shut down dawn effect and same calorie meal program and 1 to 2 miles walking every day — finally lost weight from to now and still dropping.

    For me; metformin shut down the over sugaring of my body. Exercise and calorie diet did not change prior and after metformin timing optimization. Thanks for your question. Check your blood sugar levels regularly as directed by your doctor. Your doctor may need to adjust your diabetes medication, exercise program, or diet.

    This is all very confusing. I have problems with side effects of taking medformin. One medical person said that could be fixed by injecting insulin. Then another said to take medformin at the end of my meals not at the beginning. Those simple instructions took care of the problem. Hard to know who to believe. Thankfully I just stumbled upon this website which I find full of very good info.

    I have been type2 for about 12yrs and on metformin for about6yrs. Not one Dr has explained what it actually does or when to take it. It has just been left up to me. Of course I keep a very tight control with all tests remaining constantly good. The later shook me up and I got back on track. I will try these 2 things: Maybe in your county the local extension office does it as well. I have been looking for someone on the same line of thinking as me for a long time and hopefully you, David, are that person.

    Lucky you that I live in UK!!! All the above seems to be about Type2, but thats not the end of the story. I have been Type1 for 63 years and now have a pump. How long depends on how long the Glycogen has been being produced. Its taken me a long time to find out this remedy and my team simply look at me and my charts with disbelief. The breakthrough came by injecting 3units insulin and retesting after 1 hour to find the sugar level had increased; perversely I ate 40 grams carbohydrate and found the sugar level went down.

    So far as high as When this floor is reached my BS spikes upward dramatically fast and treating with insulin merely accentuates the problem.

    I can understand every word,because I am really suffering from liver dumping, every night when I am going to bed,. I have no blood sugar and I am monitoring since 6 months all the day whatever I am eating, I am under max levels,my problem starting in the evening ,after a heavy or light dinner ,my blood sugar is going to approx, but in the ti me of bed my bs.

    Start to go up ,in the morning it comes to if I eat light if I had havier dinner ,the problem is not over here ,I have my breakfast ,and than immediately my blood sugar goes up to up to before it start to go down after 1 hour,to be normal after 2 hours ,and than in lunch and dinner it never goes up more than during the 2 hours.

    I am presently on metformin mg tomg and it makes me stay in the bathroom. However, by reading your articles there are somethings that I am going to try.

    I blood glucose is usually high in the morning around but the minute I empty my stomach the readings begin to drop below I was diagnosed last October with Type 2 diabetes and since then have been following a carb-restricted diet with daily exercise. I saw my Dr. We took blood for a new A1C, and he said that he may prescribe metformin based on those results.

    Dear Sirs, I am type 2 Diabities and i was taking 2 mg twice a day now they cut me back to 2 mg a day. I still have the sweets when i eat about 1 to 2 houres after i eat it starts it last about 2 hours. Hypos in response to metformin would be unusual, but perhaps it is possible. What does your doctor say about this? If the metformin is causing it, it might not be the drug for you. Maybe our readers have some other ideas, but I think you should ask your doctor again.

    Can exercise cause your liver to dump sugar? My bg goes up when I exercise rather than down. I can test at 98 before exercise, and at afterward. I have gotten my A1C down to below 6 and my daily glucose averages to under with weight loss, exercise, supplement and mg of metformin taken mg at breakfast, mg at lunch, mg at dinner and mg at bedtime. I still get a liver dump with pre-breakfast readings of which take till well after lunch to settle down to bgs.

    Now my glucose readings have jumped up with higher dump readings taking longer to drop. If this keeps up I will be running a ishish bg daily average of about 6 readings. My research just showed me that more aspirin will probably cause lower bg readings and that plavix might do so.

    I am tempted to add the aspirin back in. I then measure the sugar again at I then measure at 6: The Metformin does the job in the morning, and when I take the insulin twice a day it allows full absorption of sugar and stop the CRTC2 from producing sugars I guess.

    I take the the three med every day. I thought it was the pancreas not producing insulin but it is the liver producing too much sugar release, because metformin work together with insulin treatment. Though close monitoring of sugar is recommended to combine the two meds. I am have high neuropothy pain at night and the level sugar helps a whole lot.

    Everything was great I never needed Insulin unless I had to take Prednisone then I took Humalog when sugars were high.

    Recently my Husband passed away and my Diabetes seems to have gone crazy. I was switched to Lantis 10mg at night. In the middle of the night about 4am my stomach starts to growl and drive me nuts. Sometimes my sugars are fine sometimes they are high which is high for me. No sodas unles diet,lots of water and vitamin water. I have breakfast about 9am usually hot cereal and my pills. So I wait about an hour after breakfast to see if my stomach has stopped growlly etc.

    I check my sugars and they are fine but the hunger etc is still there. I am waiting to see my Endocrinologist which is going to take a few weeks. Now that I understand the the liver might be causing the problem. I will see my primary care and discuss this situation with her again. If anyone has any information about this type of problem please let me know.

    Posted by judy Using cgms, I found by experimentation, taking metformin 1 hour before meals usually ensures met is up to strengh in blood 2 hours after meal ingestion and blocks the liver form doing false liver dumps because some sensor in gut tells brain — glucose going low yet fingetip blood is to as glucose generation in gut is falling. I have found this approach stops a bunch of false liver dumps as gut is emptying.

    And why by golly — average BG stays under much better control. I have been a diagnosed diabetic for 30 years. I feel that my liver area gets swollen at times. I am wondering if the addition of metformin to my regime might help? Well on jAN 6, ; here is latest findings not theories that metform works to block liver glucose release and directly bypassing the ampk chain:. The findings were published online this week in Nature. The inability of insulin to keep liver glucose output in check is a major factor in the high blood sugar of type 2 diabetes and other diseases of insulin resistance.

    About a decade ago, researchers suggested that metformin reduces glucose synthesis by activating the enzyme AMPK. But this understanding was challenged by genetic experiments in by collaborators on the present Nature study. Taking another look at how glucose is regulated normally, the team knew that when there is no food intake and glucose decreases, glucagon is secreted from the pancreas to signal the liver to produce glucose. They then asked if metformin works by stopping the glucagon cascade.

    The Nature study describes a novel mechanism by which metformin antagonizes the action of glucagon, thus reducing fasting glucose levels. The team showed that metformin leads to the accumulation of AMP in mice, which inhibits an enzyme called adenylate cyclase, thereby reducing levels of cyclic AMP and protein kinase activity, eventually blocking glucagon-dependent glucose output from liver cells.

    I have been taking metformin for approximately 20 years. I started with mg twice a day with food. I did not always take the medicine as required, or follow a healthy diet and exercise plan. Consequently my doctor increased my metformin to mg twice a day. Because of my unhealthy actions I developed high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and I am taking medication for that: I also have arthritis so I take tramadol as needed for pain. Two years ago I lost 50lbs by exercising and eating right.

    The doctor put me on mg twice a day. I have had at least five doctors in the past 20 years. A few days ago I took both doses of metformin within 30 minutes of each other, I forgot I had already taken one. I was driving from church and I became very sleepy. I pulled into a parking lot and slept from 30 to 45min. A phone call woke me up. I drove home and slept hard for about 5 hours. How long will the metformin stay in my liver and have I done any damage to myself?

    I am 69 years old. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and is on the starvation diet and now the BGL are normal. However I have noticed even with the strict diet my FBGL some times are higher, this happens randomly. I have looked in e dawn phenomenon and if this is happening frequently should I ask for medication when I visit my Dr Next time? Hi there, I have been taking metformin for last 6 months and my BG levels are just about as much as I started, I have been asked to increase my dinner time metformin to reduce my morning BG, but it only seems to go higher even further when I doubled my dose.

    Your theory does make some sense to me and i will try and see if that controls my breakfast time BG. My day time glucose is fine, most evenings it comes to 7. But morning time readings are always more than But try checking your morning glucose at different times, and try the metformin at different times.

    You might also check your blood glucose at 3 AM to see if you are dropping low, then rebounding in the morning. If that is what is happening, a midnight snack can help. Or there may be some other problem. This explains my delima. I take mg metformin twice a day. When I first get up at 6: At bed time, I also take lantus.

    I can take my blood sugar any time of day up until 7: Then suddenly it will shoot up to When I get up the next morning, it will be back to I guess I need to take my metformin around 6 PM so that it is in the bloodstream before the glucose numbers go up.

    I thought the 24 hour insulin was only lasting 21 hours. I have the dawning effect. I am on an Insulin pump using Novolog. I like tight control where BG is fasting. For 2 years this was the case until recently. I also take Symlin mcg. With meals or snacks over calories. I take Metformin mg.

    XR twice daily with meals. My fasting BG rises points every night. I adjust temporary basal rates and can control it to some extent but not as much as I want. The doc gave me Byetta to try only at the evening meal to see if my fasting BG comes down.

    It made me kind of nauseated but went away. I ate at 8 pm and by 11 pm my BG was 94 at 1 am it was 72 and by 5 am it was at which point Zi took 1. By 8 am fasting it was not much change. On another meter the BG read at which point I took another. If my am fastings are good my numbers are good all day but if not they are all high all day. Last A1C was 5. But before taking insulin I had fasting BG about The pump got it stsight but it is starting to go back up.

    Basal rate at 10 pm is 2. What can I do to get the fasting BG back to upon rising in the morning? I have early morning high sugar, stays high till noon then drops from noon till 5 or 6 pm. I found some help. I found 2 ways to stop the high sugar in the mornings. Per the Dawn Phenomenon articles, the liver starts to shut out 4 hormones from 2 to 8 am. Each persons timing differs, for example mine starts about 6 am. However, if I wake up and move around, it will trigger the process to start earlier.

    But after 6am it starts to shoot out the hormones anyway. So for me to keep this from happening and which causes the glucose to rise caused by the liver and not by eating, I must prevent it. The liver shoots out the hormones and the glucose quickly you only have minutes to do this and its rising as you do it.

    I avoid bread fruit etc until after noon then at 2pm on can eat that also and it continues to stay down. You can do your own test early to see when yours starts. God is the one thru prayer that led me to the dawn phenomenon and he let me know it was to be and egg and bacon.

    It worked from day one. Your case report is way too complicated for me to safely give advice. One thing I would think about is changing your times for the metformin, and possibly changing from XR to regular. That sometimes fixes dawn phenomenon. I have the problem of my liver releasing to much sugar.

    I have to take a little metformin and acarbosa with a bedtime snack even if my blood sugar is And I also take mg of metformin between 4 and 5 am or my blood sugar will be to high in the morning. I also take metformin and acarbosa with every meal, and I follow a low carbohydrate diet to keep it in control.

    This routine allows me to to keep my blood sugar levels when I get up and before meals between 70 and 99, only once in a while will it be a little over It took me several years to get it the proper doses of meds and my diet right to keep it where it should be.

    The diet also stops my post meal blood sugars from going up to high. I believe this is vital to avoid the potential diabetic complications from to high blood sugars. It takes a lot of work to get it right but it can be done.

    I also time my metformin doses to achieve similar effect and control. Thank you for sharing. Is there really a difference between generic metformin and the brand name Glucophage? Plus, I was taking Lantus for 9 months and about the month mark I started having weird side effects such as extreme dizziness, stomach bloat, nausea, dry heaving and tiredness. I also gained 15 pounds. I stopped taking it cold turkey and all those symptoms went away, my energy levels went up and I lost the 15 pounds.

    Lantus, which is synthetic, is bad news. I would rather take my chances with Metformin and diet alone. I have been diabetic for over 30 years. I am now 58 years old and my liver is not functioning because of the medicine taken for my diabetes. I will need a liver transplant within the next two years. You drew a very bad number in the lottery. I hope things get better.

    There are a number of things you can do to help your liver. Some of them are on this Web site. My blood sugar has spiraled out of contol.

    My doctor has me taking mg 3 times a day with breakfast lunch and dinner and blood sugar is still gigh over with sweating and diareah I dont understand the change I also have alot of burning and numbness in hands legs and feet I am wondering if i need more Metformin to control susar levels or if it just stop working or how long it will take before my sugar levels start to drop below I have valot of shaking too help. If metformin suddenly stopped working, something must have changed.

    You might have an infection or some other change. Might want to take it into a pharmacist to check. I take metformin in the morning and night I still urinate frequently at night I probably go to the restroom 5 to 7 times at night to urinate?

    What do I need to do to control this? During the day I urinate frequently I was told that sugar was pouring in my urine. There are many reasons for frequent urination. High blood glucose is certainly one of the main ones. Can you get that checked? If glucose is causing your frequent urination, you need to get that down. It actually helped me lose weight perhaps but the main reason I took it at about four in the afternoon was to fight tiredness that I thought might have been brought on by overloading my liver with bad foods.

    Being less tired helped prevent me from overeating in the p. I was careful to drink more water while using metformin as I have read that it can lead to kidney failure. My question is whether it helps cleanse the liver or whether it forces it to work properly while we change our diets. After reading this article I am confused. Another article that you posted states: September 13, Metformin and Impaired Thinking Diane Fennell According to new research from Australia, the oral diabetes medicine metformin is linked to impaired brain function, but supplementation with vitamin B12 may reduce some of the cognitive effects.

    Metformin is the most widely used diabetes drug in the world, with over 61 million prescriptions for the medicine filled in the United States alone in So how can you say that metformin is good for anyone. Every drug and herb that has benefits also has side effects. Relatively few people report the brain fog you mention.

    You will have to decide for yourself if metformin is worth it for you. Hello my name is jackie and I was diagnose with type 2diabetics and Im current taking metroformin twice a day but this morning woke up at 6am with a blood sugar of cant figure out what I did wrong I did eat a little halloween sweet on last night. Norco has acetaminophen Tylenol , and three tabs at a time, four times a day could be hard on the liver.

    Thank you so much for your informative article. This may be a long post, as I have much to explain and ask. I am an LPN, who stopped working in the medical field to persue music, and have been happy with that choice. They put me on insulin, I had a horrid reaction to it. Later when I saw my GP, he explained that from what he saw, my body was still producing insulin, and all I needed was Glipizide to control with proper diet.

    I ended up in the ER in again, but something was different. The Attending looked at my hairy face and male pattern baldness and diagnosed PCOS with insulin resistance.

    He added metformin to my regiment at twice a day. It was like I never took it! However the nurse in me was always trying to think of alternatives. Still the same pattern where it seemed like there was an overabundance of sugar in my system.

    Helped a little, but still… SAME pattern. I got frustrated again, and when the meds ran out, I stopped. Three more years of eating like a 20 year old at thanksgiving, in the deep south… LOL.. Suddenly it made sense!!! I took the at around 4: I ate a light low carb meal, and took NO Glipizide with it, made sure it had enough carbs to cause a noticeable rise… Cheeseburger with a potato roll bun and 1 tbsp Ketchup … Watched it go up to about , then drop back after 2 hours to Took my final nightly dose of Metformin and went to sleep.

    Woke up with a BSL of ! Shot up to something… 12 noon I took more. Dropped again to by 5. Was back down to by 2 hours post meal. No food… Met. Went out the the pharmacy, got a splitting headache. Noticed it had again shot up. Probably a progesterone BCP for that too, he said.

    My doc said do what I normally do, and show him a lower a1c first was The thing actually has a food database containing everything sold in stores and all fast food chains… Down to the Carb! LPN Barb post Jan 11, Dear Barb — Like you, I believe my type 2 is caused primarily by liver dump dawn phenomena. My AM pre-breakfast numbers range from to My numbers during late day, afternoon and evening are in the normal range.

    Research by Salk and others suggests it takes a minimum level of metformin in the blood to tell liver to shut up. That level apparently varies from person to person. Standard met gets processed and takes 2. Extended ER metformin have a delayed response due to binders in Pill that slow the release of metformin. Yes they can work but one needs to get to a minimum does in blood to signal liver to shutup. My experience says to me it may take bigger doses of ER to achieve similar responses as good standard metformin.

    Many of the generic metformin standard work well, some put out sub standard levels in blood and fail. There are a bunch running around claiming it takes weeks to achieve useful levels. I have seen NO advantage to residuals and remaining met in body as many claim. I simply see every sufficient dose work according to the drug timing charts watching the liver get told to shutup and stop dumping in excess glucose. On top of that and due to that response; doses taken around the clock are far more effective and useful rather than this single mega dose that upsets the system, enhances the bowl issues and a general nuisance.

    It is well-known that when people follow a ketogenic diet VLCKD and get into what nowadays is called [dietary] ketosis, the glycogen stores in the liver must get depleted first before that state can be reached. It seems that some diabetics are unable to achieve this and no matter what they do or eat, their livers apparently still have plenty and keep on dumping it uncontrolled.

    Metformin works for me too — but with the diarrhea side effect. I run about without it, and a cap takes it down to about Last night for example, after a light dinner at 4PM, went out at 6PM for a walk. My sugar was at at 6PM, and after a 3. I am fortunate to be retired, so I can do what is needed to fight this problem.

    My doctor was proud of me, probably uses me as an example to share with other type II patients. Thought it was over, and then gained 50 pounds back this morning. II came back with a vengeance. I have two friends who have lost a foot apiece feet due to this type II diabetes. Both were obese, not to an extreme — but apparently to the extent that not enough blood flow reached their lower extremities. Wow liver dump is an weird thing. I have been a diabetic for over 15 years and not one person ever talked about liver dump.

    I have been on every med on the market. I am now taking Invokana mgs and amaryl and just this week added back metformin cause I could not get control of them numbers. One dose of mgs of metformin brought them numbers in check. I did quit metformin after going on Invokana. My fault not my doctor!! Invokana covered me for the most part but kept getting them high spikes and FBS was out of this world. I done what the author said instead of taking the mgs of met in the am and mgs in the pm I started taking mgs every six hours.

    My numbers are almost that of a non diabetic!! Exercise is not always the answer it really helps but there are other problems in our bodies that cause diabetes. As most say not everyone is the same and might not have the same results. David, I realize this is a very dated post but it seems to address what I am experiencing as a newly diagnosed pre diabetic. The dx seems to depend upon who I talk to.

    I am also a cancer patient and was taking mg Metformin even before this dx came I to play. My elevated numbers happen during the night when I am not eating. Lately, I have been taking four mg ER at night with little effect. So, based on this post, I should have more. Do you have some current research about this approach that I can show my doctor?

    Does Glucophage name brand control blood sugars better than Metformin generic? The past few months, my sugar levels have spiked! I learned I was a type II diabetic after having a heart attack 16 years ago. I am on metformin and have notice that in the morning is when my sugar levels are higher am I taking it to early in the evening?

    I take twice a day. You will get information much faster as this page is not apparently being monitored on a regular basis any longer- at least from my experiences. Glenda, you might be taking your metformin too early. Or not taking enough. Try taking it later and see what happens. Ernest, you can stay on metformin indefinitely, unless your liver enzymes start to go up. Your doctor should check your liver once a year. Your blog is very interesting as I recently read an article about the production of sugar by liver and kidneys.

    The monthly test showed a gradual rise of 5 points. When I consulted my Doctor, he told me to test also my PP blood glucose. In August it is When my sugar levels get too low my stomach gets bloated and kind of painful. Hi there I am currently using MR30mg X 4 in the morning but its not bringing my sugar levels down it stays at , this is the 5th tablet I am using and have strange side effects like fast heart beats or skipping sometimes wakes me from my sleep, fog headed, heavy chest feeling,stomach burning sensation reflux using topzole 20 and very tired throughout the day.

    Tried metformin and had bad tummy runs every day, tried a different brand and that again made me constipated with headaches constantly. I am diagnosed as pre-type 2 diabetic and I have been riding between a 6. Recently that went up to 7. My kidneys went into stage 3 failure. I have changed my diet drastically making sure NO processed sugar or bad carbs gets into my body. Even when I have no urine in my bladder. It did NOT do this to me before.

    I tested the theory by stopping the metformin for two days. Is it possible just the change in diet and the lost pounds changed my bodies reaction to Metformin? Thanks for your time! Get the r ala along with your Dr u can come up with a plan. I just started taking Metformin and my daily morning blood sugar has jumped from a steady to with Metformin. One more clue I use to urinate times a night and now maybe only 2 times a night could that be why my BS has jumped 30 points? I also have memory loss bad I am only 53…I try to loose my weight but cannot.

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    Hepatitis C Survivor Stories

    If you forget the formula, you have no rational backup. Time Abbreviations – Use of the “q” abbreviation is discouraged, but remains prevalent. . This problem does not have mcg in any of the data; therefore, put a conversion “tool' for mcg and A medication is ordered for your patient at 80 mg/Kg/24 hours every 8 hours. I have purchased and intend to refill. Yes. I have purchased but don't intend to refill right now. No. I'm about to buy for the first time. No. I don't intend to purchase . 3 days ago Say the dosage strength is mg and there are tablets in the bottle. If the doctor orders mg, how many tablets will you give? mg + mg + mg = mg. As you can see, you need 3 tablets of mg to reach the dosage . A wide variety of geometry worksheets that teachers can give to.

    Are You Worried About Your Liver Health?



    If you forget the formula, you have no rational backup. Time Abbreviations – Use of the “q” abbreviation is discouraged, but remains prevalent. . This problem does not have mcg in any of the data; therefore, put a conversion “tool' for mcg and A medication is ordered for your patient at 80 mg/Kg/24 hours every 8 hours.


    I have purchased and intend to refill. Yes. I have purchased but don't intend to refill right now. No. I'm about to buy for the first time. No. I don't intend to purchase .


    3 days ago Say the dosage strength is mg and there are tablets in the bottle. If the doctor orders mg, how many tablets will you give? mg + mg + mg = mg. As you can see, you need 3 tablets of mg to reach the dosage . A wide variety of geometry worksheets that teachers can give to.


    Doctors say the drug is being prescribed in low dose formulations to people with no “Seroquel is not benign,” Dr. David Gardner, a professor of psychiatry and It's not clear how antipsychotics have become such a big thing for sleep. Street names for quetiapine include “Suzy Q” and “baby heroin.”.


    This involves taking a large dose of iodine and collecting your urine for 24 That said, if your doctor or health care practitioner won't order these tests, . One source I have says that a cup of milk is just under 60ug I, so two cups . In my case, after taking mg of SSKI fo r 6 weeks, my TSH went up to


    Along with bone-building elements calcium and magnesium, strontium is a . Saying that those taking strontium ranelate had a relative risk for VTE of Radioactive strontium is not sold as supplements! . If you have been found to have high levels of heavy metals and have been .. Thankful for reply before I order.

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